Elizabeth's Relationship Of Elizabeth And Queen Elizabeth I

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Queen Elizabeth I was dissimilar to the rulers before her during that time period in England, she was Protestant instead of a Catholic, which most of the kings and queens before her were. Her step-sister, Queen Mary, was really strict and also murdered many people, she then earned the title ‘Bloody Mary’. Elizabeth was especially young when she came to rule. Elizabeth was only seventeen years old when her sister, Queen Mary, died from cancer and she took over to be the Queen of England. Elizabeth’s relationship with her step-sister, Queen Mary, was mediocre. Their relationship as sisters seemed very different from the relationship we think what sisters should be. However, they loved each other due to the fact that when Mary was dying from cancer, she refused to sign the official paper to let Elizabeth being killed. If Mary didn’t love her sister, she would have sign the paper and let people kill Elizabeth and allow the Duke of Norfolk, cousin of Elizabeth who coveted the throne of England. Elizabeth’s relationship with her cousin, the Duke of Norfolk, was seriously awful. The Duke of Norfolk had been wanted to kill Elizabeth for a really long time already, only because he wanted to be the King of England. While Elizabeth was still a queen, the Duke of Norfolk’s wish was hopelessly to come true. Before the death of Queen Mary, the Duke of Norfolk kept convincing Mary to sign a paper which would let him kill Elizabeth then become a king. The Duke of Norfolk’s plan was so perfect in his mind, he would even made up awful things on Elizabeth and tried to turn the whole England against her. The Duke of Norfolk and Elizabeth are different in many ways, one of them wanted to fight and have a war with Scotland, but the other did not. An... ... middle of paper ... ...nd because of her beliefs of marriage she earned the title "Virgin Queen." Queen Elizabeth the first was a woman who cannot just use some simple words and phrases to be described, those words people use for heroes and heroines would not fit to describe Elizabeth. She had been through many tough and difficult situations from her cousins tried to put her to death only because they want the title of hers and the seat where she sat to her trusted friends or even boyfriend turns to mean, unreliable and despicable enemies. She led E England into an age of prosperity, peace, and expansion. People even used her name to name the time period “Elizabethan Age”. She is the one who united England, and also the one who righted the wrongs of past rulers. Even her enemies would agree that what she stood up for and who she was will be remember, deeply, in people’s heart.
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