Elizabeth Cady Stanton's Role In Society

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Elizabeth Cady Stanton once said, “The history of the past is but one long struggle upward to equality” (“Elizabeth Cady Stanton Quotes” ). These certain words exposes what many people tend to ignore like slavery, race equality, and female equality. Throughout history, thousands of people fight to be treated the same to prove that there is nothing different about them, whether that is gender or race. Stanton, along with several others, took a stand and spoke publicly to put this problem to court. The most influential person in society was Elizabeth Cady Stanton. She was an activist for equality, she showed leadership characteristics, and she put her words on paper. Growing up in a loving home was not in Stanton’s forte. Daniel Cady, her father,…show more content…
First, Stanton developed the Women’s State Temperance Society in 1853. It came to her attention that drunkenness should be a valid reason for divorce. She tried petitioning the State Legislature to pass a law to limit liquor sales. Ultimately, the State rejected the petition; On the other hand, she managed to receive roughly 28,000 signatures (“Elizabeth Cady Stanton,” Britannica). She also founded the Women’s Loyal National League in 1863. This League was all about ending the Civil War and the emancipation of all slaves. Stanton gathered more than 300,000 signatures petitioning towards emancipation and was successful (“Elizabeth Cady Stanton,” Britannica). Later, she founded and was the first president of the National Woman's Suffrage Association. NWSA was formed in 1869, and was worked towards changing the Fifteenth Amendment to allowing women to vote as well (Foner and Garraty). Overall, Stanton enjoyed stirring up publicly and being radical. “She was the first woman in the United States to declare herself a candidate for Congress, even when she couldn’t vote” (Cooper). Elizabeth Cady Stanton wanted to set an example for women to aspire to be, and it changed the…show more content…
She was an author of several documents and contributed to many letters/pamphlets. One of the most well-known documents she helped write was the Declaration of Sentiments. This modeled the Declaration of Independence, but it was in favor of women’s rights as well. This called for “extensive reforms, which effectively launched the Women’s Rights Movement” (“Elizabeth Cady Stanton,” Britannica). Also, when Stanton began the National Woman's Suffrage Association, it introduced a newspaper called “The Revolution”. This was a militant feminist magazine. “The Revolution” encouraged many women across the country to fight for equal rights, alongside Stanton (“Stanton, Elizabeth Cady”). After her traveling days, Mrs. Cady Stanton began to focus on her writing. Eventually she wrote three volumes of the “History of Women Suffrage”, which was one of her greatest legacies (“Stanton, Elizabeth Cady”). Her famous documented work, went into detail about how women were not treated equally, why they should be, and how women have began fighting towards equality. Overall, her written works have impacted society in several different
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