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ELIZABETH BLACKWELL Elizabeth Blackwell came to New York with her family at the age of 11. Elizabeth was practicing to be a teacher there. She was born February 3, 1821. Elizabeth never wanted to become a doctor. Every time she felt ill she would just go inside a closet and sit there until she felt better or she would just go for a walk outside. Elizabeth was actually repulsed by body parts. One day at school, her science class was examining a bull’s eye and she started to feel a little disgusted. But one day, her friend Mary Donaldson was feeling ill in the hospital. Elizabeth went to visit her. She kept comforting her and making her better. Until, Mary said something. Something that changed everything Elizabeth Blackwell had ever thought upon. Mary told Elizabeth that she should join the medical career. Elizabeth was very surprised. She was even laughing at Mary’s idea. But then, Elizabeth really began to think, could I become a doctor? Then she snapped back into reality. How can a woman become a doctor? She yelled at Mary for a while but then Mary said. “I know you can become one. You can change the world Elizabeth!” Elizabeth sat down as she couldn’t believe her friend Mary. She then left the hospital shortly later. Elizabeth thought about it day and night. She thought about it when she was teaching. She thought about it when drinking tea. She thought about it when cleaning the home or washing the clothes, or drying the clothes, or wiping the desks, or having brunch. She wanted to know if this would work. She then realized she did want to be it, only for a while. She asked her friends, strangers, all the people around her if she could really pull this off. They all laughed at her. Actually not all, some people assumed sh... ... middle of paper ... ...Women and Children. Their hospital was entirely staffed by women and helped serve the poor. Though Elizabeth had few patients she was really happy she made it this far. One time she had a patient with pneumonia. In expanding the hospital, Elizabeth and Emily included a medical school for women in there. The most important thing was that Elizabeth loved waking up in the morning, looking at herself in the mirror because she finally realized that she was the world’s first doctor. She was the first woman to receive a medical degree in the United States. In 1851, Elizabeth saw much prejudice as a woman physician but still, she was very happy. Elizabeth lived from 1821-1910. This teaches everyone in the world a lesson. You can do anything if you just try hard enough, and remember, if there’s an obstacle in your way, just go around it. Trust me, you’ll find a way.

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  • Explains that elizabeth blackwell came to new york with her family at the age of 11 and never wanted to become a doctor. she was repulsed by body parts.
  • Narrates how mary donaldson was feeling ill in the hospital and elizabeth went to visit her. mary told elizabeth she should join the medical career.
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