Elitism in Britain's education

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The English writer George Orwell claimed that England is “the most class-ridden country under the sun”. In fact, it appears that not much has altered since the first half of the 20th century. “The classes have changed. But the barriers between them are made of the same clay: money, education, family and occupation.” (a class act) In English education a separation of systems is equal with a separation of classes. (a class act) The system which should provide students with equal opportunities disappoints and creates barriers and obstacles. It is becoming increasingly difficult to neglect the “social apartheid” created among people. This essay will deal with the following aspect of elitism in English educational system. The emphasis will be put on England, notwithstanding, with a regard to the United Kingdom. The first part of the analysis will examine the contrasting attitude towards higher education between privately and comprehensively educated pupils and their chances while applying to the universities. The second part will display students’ feelings and biases considering the most renowned universities. The final level of the analysis will depict the importance of academic roots in case of the United Kingdom’s most influential people.
“Successful is the marriage of money” (a class act) “The spirit level”, the research conducted by Wilkinson and Pickett in 2006, whose aim was to depict the level of equality in several chosen countries in comparison with the United Kingdom. Consequently, the latter was shown in a bad light. With the rising income inequality in the social mobility was almost null, which left United Kingdom far from e.g. Norway, Sweden or Denmark. This state is strictly connected with the educational system in Engl...

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...ssues by Phase: Access to Higher Education
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