Eliminating Trans Fat

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Section 1: This bill will propose eliminating trans fat in the United States. Section 2: Congress hereby finds that trans fat is ruining America’s health with high medical costs, more health problems, and lastly, jeopardizing its youth’s health. Obesity is one of the major health problems that America faces today. Trans fat contributes to an unhealthy lifestyle, and if it is gone in America’s diet, people can become a bit healthier than right now. It is in most things that people eat, even without their knowledge. It can indirectly raise people’s medical costs, and make them feel more sluggish. Another reason to remove trans fat is also because it raises the risk of health problems. Digesting two to three grams a day can increase the risks of heart disease, bad cholesterol, obesity, type II diabetes, and much more. Since “more than a third of the adult population is obese”, this indirecting is a bad influence to the younger growing generations . Seeing adults eat junk food, they will be encouraged to eat the same kind of food. Food that contains trans fat in it tastes better and since it makes people desire it, people will crave more of it. It is also cheap, and since most people do not have that much money, it is a win-win situation least on the short run. Over time, if they continue this, they will develop health problems. Most Americans can not change their diets overnight, but with more knowledge about trans fat, this can be a revelation to people to slowly eat healthier and be healthier. It is time for change in America. Trans fat helps contribute to an unhealthy lifestyle by causing people to pay more to not be sick. In 2008, “medical cost for obesity was nearly $150 billion dollars”, which can be avoided if people try... ... middle of paper ... ...g in Adults, Study Finds." New York Times, , sec. Editorial, October 17, 2012. fatty acids&title=Cholesterol Is Falling in Adults, Study Finds&res=Y&ren=N&gov=N&lnk=N&ic=N (accessed November 20, 2013). Pronovost, Peter. "More Coordination Would Help." Wall Street Journal Online , April 21, 2013. (accessed February 18, 2014). Tavernise , Sabrina. "F.D.A. Seeking Near Total Ban on Trans Fats." New York Times, , sec. Editorial, November 08, 2013. fatty acids&title=F.D.A. Seeking Near Total Ban on Trans Fats&res=Y&ren=N&gov=N&lnk=N&ic=N (accessed November 20, 2013).
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