Eliminating Obesity and Autoimmune Disease

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Everyday it is possible to open up an issue of “Men’s Fitness” or “Muscle and Fitness” or “Modern Woman” or “TIME” or any magazine for that matter, and find the “new and/or improved” way to lose weight, improve the quality of life, or extend your years working towards the other two goals. Almost all of the methods prescribed can work; some are exercise and some are diet. For the most part though, achieving diet or exercise goals requires one to have great discipline. It has been proven, by each of these diet deveopers, that the diets they prescribe will work if the individual will just manage his caloric intake.

Weight loss is the trend of the time. But are the approaches we read about so often, natural means to reach the ends? Are the foods we consider healthy actually that? What is the diet that will alleviate the problems of obesity and autoimmune disease? Each has a very simple and sensible answer.

Obesity and autoimmune disease may be considered the scourge of the modern western world. It is very interesting however, that other cultures with different diets, either do not have our obesity and autoimmune diseases, or are slowly following our trend (meaning the problems we have had since the invention of agriculture, other cultures are just now getting as their diets begins to mimic ours). What is wrong with our diet? Some say it is fast food. That is definitely a good guess. Some say it is our laziness brought on by the want for technology to make everything easier and more convenient. This is not to far off base either. What is wrong with our diets is, the majority of the food we indulge in on a regular basis is filled with carcinogens (basically, toxins our bodies were not meant to have in them). If ...

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...ents, he gives about 50 examples of journals and articles, about 40 books, and the about 75 different authors (many are medical doctors) who claim them. These are excellent (the ones I have read) research materials to learn what doctors think on the subject and to supportive documentation on the subject.

It is absolutely necessary to take control of your health problems. The hunter-gatherer diet has the means to change anyone’s life. It is not just a diet; it is also a lifestyle. To give a very crude analogy, a woman will not get pregnant unless she has intercourse (or uses technology to aid her). It is the same principle that a human will not get fat or get an autoimmune disease unless he puts the food in his body that will help him reach that result. Each reader should give this diet/lifestyle heavy consideration. Only not learning about it can hurt you.
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