Elie Wisel

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The U.S. stock market crashed and it affected the whole world. This period in history was later known as the Great Depression. The Great depression sparked the World War II and the Holocaust. Adolf Hitler, a European Politian, planned to eliminate unemployment in Europe. He created a Nazi army and it worked, but the problem was prosperity still existed mainly in communities where Jews lived. This is when his evil plot to discriminate against the poor, Jewish communities began. He created four concentration camps where Jew’s should be tortured, starved and murdered. Among these many Jew’s was Elie Wisel. Born on September 30, 1928. This is his story He grew up in Sighet, Transylvania. His parent’s name was Sarah Figel and Shlomo Wisel. He had three sister named Hilda Bea and Tisiporah. His father put Elie in a school that practiced Judaism at age three. By the time Elie was fifteen World War II broke out and he spent most of his time with his former care giver named Moshe praying and crying about the prosperity and war going on in the world. He was a strong believer of the orthodox Judaism just like Elie. Moshe told him about the many concentration camps that were being built and tried to warn Elie to tell his family and to run away with him before the Nazi’s came and took their family. Elie tried to tell his parents but they did not want to leave because they had a good income from the grocery store that they owned and they liked the schools in the area. Elie’s mother said she was happy that the military was coming because then they will be better protected. Elie’s father called Moshe a liar. Elie hadn’t seen Moshe or solders for months and was begging to feel silly for telling his parents. More months went by and Moshe retur... ... middle of paper ... ...gressional Gold medal of Achievement. The following year Elie won the Nobel Peace Prize for his work. Elie began to publish his books to make sure that human shall forget about Auschwitz and the Jews that died there. He was strong to believe Judaism even when he was forbidden to. He went on with out his mother, then later without his father because he knew he survived for a reason. He was raised to be strong and walk in faith of his god, he wasn’t a quitter and if it weren’t for him writing about his experience through the Holocaust humans would have never known exactly how it was to be in the Holocaust and survive such a horrific event. He also, for the first time since the Holocaust went back to Auschwitz with Oprah on her episode of her Oprah Winfrey talk show, and spoke about his experience there. It makes me cherish life, friends and family a great deal more.
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