Elie Wiesel's Night

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History is full of famous figures, of those who have spoken out against the crowd for what they believe in; people who have stood by what they know is right and challenge society to join them in a quest for justice and a better world. Textbooks are not filled with people who simply go through the motions, but rather those who choose to enact change and do what it takes to make their voice be heard. By choosing to be committed to a cause beyond yourself, you give yourself the power to change the world. You must look beyond any fear or doubt within yourself and throw away any hindrance that stands in your way because those who choose to make a difference can, no matter how big or small they may be. Throughout the novel Night people were treated as a whole, moved along in mass, forced to dress, act and be the same in the camps, as though the individual no longer existed and the whole herd of people had blended into one unheard mass. If only all of these people had listened to Moshe the Beadle when they had the chance, before their lives were forever changed for the worse. He alone had managed to escape from the concentration camp he was taken to and came back to the city to warn the others. It was his hope that his voice would be heard and he could change the fate of those he knew; that his experience would be enough to save others from the same. By speaking out against the powers that were taking over everything Moshe took a huge risk and yet he knew that it was up to him to be the voice that warned them all and he felt that God had chosen him to let it be known to many the horrors that they were about to face before it was

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