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People have mentioned that the only thing valuable about elephants is its ivory and that these enormous animals are slow and stupid. Therefore, the uninformed society makes negative assumptions, about things they don't understand, and make false accusations about the gentle creature. For example, people thought they travel in disorganized herds because they're slow and stupid, but the elephants actually travel in organized herds that are always kept together. Our dominant ideology is to portray elephants as killers, unsociable, funny, and illogical creatures. To understand the real characteristics of the elephant, we must disperse any false impressions that have been previously established on the way the elephants behave in the wildlife. The mistaken beliefs of the general publics result from a lack of information about the elephant, in its natural environment. If truth be told, the majority of elephants that most people see today seem to depict that moronic quality. To exemplify, elephants are viewed as funny because they are forced to perform impractical and pointless tricks for our enjoyment, such as circus acts. While they are holding each others' tails, walking in a line, standing on their hind legs, balancing a ball, and wearing ridiculous little hats, we have made it difficult for people to see the true mental complexity of this creature. Many people see the elephant as killers because of what they watch on television. For instance, television shows such as When Animals Attack show these gentle creatures trampling their owners and handlers in a desperate attempt to escape. The general public believes in these stereotypes because they are represented on specialty shows. In the animal documentaries they are foreseen as pleasant and quite affectionate creatures. They will only protect themselves if someone is bringing or doing harm to them that might lead them in to danger, such as throwing objects at the elephant. As talked about in the animal documentaries the elephant like; to avoid confrontation. Society needs to realize these elephants have feelings to, they kind of parallel humans. When someone is doing harm to us we protect ourselves by fighting, or calling for someone to help, like elephants do.

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