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When analyzing and understanding poetry, many may discover that there could be several different elements and styles that an author can incorporate into their poems. Many poems may seem simple and straightforward on the surface, but there could be an underlying deeper meaning behind the words. There are many instances in which a song can be compared to a poem such as Elizabeth Bishops “The Fish” and the theme song from the 1981 film “Chariots of Fire”. These two are great examples of their related sound, rhythm, and theme. They utilize two contrasting types of media, but are comparable in that they captivate the audience and convey the theme. After an analysis of these two pieces, one can see the growing similarities in several distinctive areas.

It seems interesting that Bishop would add “the” into the title because she could have just left it as “A Fish” or “Fish”. The reason that she chose that particular title is that it refers to a specific and significant fish. Just like the title, much of the poem is pretty straightforward in pointing out that the main subject is a fish.

Elizabeth Bishops “The Fish” and the theme song from “Chariots of Fire” share analogies in that they both convey a growing sense of victory. In “The Fish”, the protagonist catches a massive fish and takes the time to look over the details on every inch of the fish before realizing that it was a veteran in escaping fishing lines. After realizing this fact, the protagonist is slowly filled with a sense of victory in that he/she was able to successfully catch the fish while his predecessors failed in their endeavor. The author stated this feeling as “...victory filled up the little rented boat ...until everything was rainbow, rainbow, rainbow!” (667). The ...

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... self worth. They differ from one another in that one is composed of descriptive wording and the other is inspiring instrumental notes, but they share the similarity of making the audience feel good about themselves. All of these elements combined make “The Fish” a very compelling poem to read and “Chariots of Fire” an auditory masterpiece.

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