Elements of Advertisement and Analysis of a Coca-Cola Ad During the Superbowl

Of course, the Super Bowl can be considered the most watched television recording in American history. As a result of withholding the attention of such a vast audience, many commercials are showcased during the Super Bowl games, creating a commodity in which those commercials are watched more than the Super Bowl games themselves. A mass amount of viewers can unquestionably be beneficial to advertisers seeking to sell their products and services. However, benefits are not the only things these ads invoke, detriment can occur as well, as seen throughout history, among a variety of television commercials. The Coca Cola commercial, displayed during Super Bowl XLVII, is one of the most recent commercials that has been scrutinized. The Coca Cola Company debuted an aspiring, 60 second ad to Americans and the Coca Cola moments shared among those individuals, but the salute received a lot of backlash from individuals on social media. Many people argue that the commercial does not represent America because of its lack of cultural assimilation in
According to the articles discussed in class, there are tactics that go into constructing good advertisements. In “Making the Pitch in Print Advertising,” authors Bovee, Thil, Dovel and Wood state that ads share a common set of features: headlines, body copy, and slogans, each of which have their own importance when it comes to attracting the audience's attention (555). Expanding on the ideas presented in the aforementioned article, Jib Fowles, author of “Advertising's Fifteen Basic Appeals,” asserts that American advertisements use fifteen appeals as a helpful tool. Fowles emphasizes “the immediate goal of an advertising [is]: to tug at all psychological shirtsleeves and slow us down long enough f...

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...t to be able to feel through all these screens and through all the hype there's a human element and in the end we are all human” (Anderson, par 13). Our country is a mixture of a variety of individuals and Coca Cola beautifully demonstrated that with this commercial.
The Coca Cola commercial received its fair share of praise, from those who enjoyed the presence of diversity on their screens and understood the message Coke meant to convey. It also was scrutinized by those who believe this is America therefore every individual should speak English. In a sense, the commercial gained bouts of attention, both negative and positive. The overall coverage of the commercial could be considered good for the Coca Cola Company. After all, it is attention. And the fact that numerous individuals took it upon themselves to wage in a social media battle means Coca Cola is winning.

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