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There are many elements in life that we find the most joy in. Some of the elements that bring me the most joy are spending time with my family, friends and helping others mostly children. The gifts and talents I have are a source of my joy. Some of those gifts and talents include my musical ability and natural connection with children. My gifts and talents also reflect on the strengths I have which include creativity, kindness and listening. Even though there are strengths, there are also a few challenges. Some of the challenges include wondering if I made the right choices and the ability to handle change. I believe when you conquer your challenges, you are able to have a more joyous life. Certain things that bring us joy and challenges that…show more content…
One element that brings me joy is my family. I enjoy creating memories with my family. Since most of my family works all of the time, it is always nice to spend time with each other. Another element that brings me joy is my friends. My friends bring out the best in me and allow me a better person. My friends know what makes me happy. I enjoy the adventures that I do with them. The last element that brings me joy is helping others. I mostly enjoy helping children. I work in a daycare and I love seeing the kids and seeing how excited they are to see me. Seeing the kids grow socially and intelligently brings me joy since I had an impact on their growth. Seeing the kids every week brings me so much joy. These are a few elements that bring me joy. The different gifts and talents play a part in my…show more content…
My first strength is kindness. Since I am mostly around children, kindness allows them to like me and be comfortable around me. The last strength is listening, I listen to all of my friends if they need someone to talk to. Listening allows me to be their support system. Even though I have different strengths, there are also some challenges. Some of these challenges are similar to the life of St. Francis and St. Clare. Some of my challenges are deciding whether I picked the right choice and ability to handle change. There are many events in my life where I wasn’t sure if I made the right decision or not. For example, I recently switched my major and I wasn’t sure if I made the right choice and if my parents would agree with it. This is similar to St. Francis’s life because he kept changing what he wanted to do with his life and wanted his parents approval. Francis was still his father’s son, unconsciously pursuing what his father valued reputation, status and wealth (Sweeney, 2014, p.34). Francis wanted to this in order to make his father proud but as time went on he knew what he wanted to do even though his parents might not agree to it. Francis always questioned himself in the decisions that he made frequently ( Egler, October 2015). Another challenge is the ability to handle change. I have a difficult time trying to accept change because I usually like the way things are. I don’t like change when I have no control over

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