Elements Of Mental Health

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What is health in today’s society? In today’s society health is seen as a person who is without sickness or diseases, but health or the state of being healthy is way more that sickness or diseases. Health is the state of complete physical and mental wellness. The act of being well is “the sense that one is living in a manner that permits the experience of consistent, balanced growth in the physical, spiritual, emotional, intellectual, social, and psychological dimensions of human existence.” (Bezner 1434) These two definitions describe how one cannot be fully healthy without wellness because wellness includes the daily factors of a person’s life such as healthy living and taking positive precaution for their life. This means that one’s mental…show more content…
Mental health is the state of having no brain abnormalities or being disturbed in your mind. Another way to look at mental health is by correlating to the areas of “subjective well-being, life satisfaction, happiness, and quality of life.” According to some there are six elements to a person’s mental health. The six elements he says that make up one’s mental health are self-acceptance, positive relations with others, autonomy, environmental mastery, purpose in life, and personal growth. (Pavis 2) This six element can correlate with one’s emotional wellness. Emotional wellness is “the possession of a secure sense of self-identity and a positive sense of self-regard.” This means that one’s mental health can serious be effected by of one’s confidents level and self-esteem. Also, shows that each person’s mental health situation is different because each person could have dealt with different emotional situations and can have their own view of what is a good quality of life. It goes on to show that mental health can be different for each individual because each individual has their own personal goals and aspirations for life. A person’s mental health can be effected by their environment or their gender and age. In the case of the six elements research shows that each element has different rates for the effects it has on an individual. The elements of positive relations and personal tend to effect women more while the other four elements do not seem to have a certain gender that it effects. (Pavis 2) Mental health also has different effects in different culture. In research it has been shown how a person from South Korean can have a higher rate in the positive relations and lower rate in self-acceptance and personal growth than that of an American. (Pavis 2) This type of information helps the professional world be more prepared for a person whose mental health condition.
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