Elements Of Literature In A Doll's House By Henry Ibsen

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Literature doesn 't reserved the right to be only written works, but spoken, shared, made-up and expressed in different forms such as live performance, music, TV shows, comic strips and others. For a literature must have some the follow elements plot, characterization, conflict, theme, symbolism and others in order to be a piece of literature. One the example of literature work is A Doll 's House by Henry Ibsen in which Ibsen incorporated all the element of literature into one piece. In this essay will show how this element combine in a single work and what makes this literature work is unique. In “ A Doll 's House” by Ibsen the plot open up with the scenery in where Nora arrived with gifts and the Christmas to her house to encounter…show more content…
During the play we can face the conflict of person versus person, person versus self and person versus nature. In the first act the main character (Nora) struggle with herself while she is keeping the secret hidden from his husband and friends at the end at the first act we get a grasp of conflict of person vs person between Nora and Krogstad. While Nora try to keep herself well and not to be bother by the problem but Krogstand keeps trying remind her about the true and he gave her an ultimatum. Another example of person vs person its when Helmer confront Nora in the act three about the loan. Lastly the only conflict that we don 't see person versus the nature since is subjective and its show when Nora ask Helmer to take care the problem but he care more about his honor and what the society…show more content…
During that time women are only part of the husband they don 't have the right of choice . During that time for women was difficult to be independent, so they must rely on men. As in the performance show the main conflict that she had taken a loan without her husband or Dad authorizations meaning, that loan that she took was illegal and she must face the punishment. A clear example of how difficult was for women is “What If Shakespeare Had Had A Sister?” by Virginia Wolf as we know she is famous writer that had a difficult time publishing the work. In addition, she points out what if the Famous Shakespeare have a sister with the same talent as he did she may have a hard time trying to get readers to read her literary works. Another theme in “A Doll 's house is Parenthood. In where Helmer states “lies infect and poisons the whole life of home” meaning that if you lie and you are parent the children will follow they same thing as their parent did. For that reason before end of act 1 Nora told the nurse that children couldn 't come inside where she was since she may infected them with her
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