Elements Of Effective Organization Organizations

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Elements of Effective Organizations
There are many different components necessary to have an effective organizational structure. It is important as well for a company to have various communication strategies within an effective organization. Various principles of effective management exists and should be assessed throughout the organization on a regular basis along with the decision-making and problem-solving processes that are necessary for effective organizations. Upon evaluation of this criteria and data, a suggested leadership approach can be made with detailed support as to why this would be the best way for the organization to proceed.
Necessary Components
It is most important for the organization to have an identity of its own. Part of the company’s identity would show up in the mission statement. The statement would include the company’s values along with the vision for the company. They identity would also include branding that is particular and specific to the company and most likely proprietary in nature. The identity of the organization would also include the leadership team and be able to highlight their strength at the executive level.
A company to be successful is going to have to have a long-range strategic plan. This plan would include specific goals, primary objectives, and various methods of benchmarking. Goals set need to be specific in nature and need to be obtainable although they can be considered stretch goals (Hunter, 2002). Establishing a primary objective for the organization is important to the company does not lose focus. These objectives should also align themselves with the mission statement of the company. Benchmarking is a necessary tool to measure different stages and milestones. The...

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...what is going on however it does create a clear environment of who’s the boss and who is the subordinate. The benefit of such an environment many times can outweigh a democratic leadership by preventing poor groupthink scenarios that are not in the best interest of an effective organization. The idea of trying to get everyone’s buy-in on a task that no one wants to do it has to be completed is completely counterproductive. The other benefit that exists in autocratic leadership is that leaders can be found among workers when the need arises for expansion and promotion. It is very quantifiable and measurable to know who executes and stays on task as they are told to, hence they understand the importance of listening to and following the instructions of the leader. With this discipline under their own belt, they may be ready for the next step into management themselves.
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