Elementary School Teaching

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Elementary School Teaching Elementary School Teacher Elementary school teachers teach pupils at levels kindergarten through sixth grade or, in some cases, through eighth grade a wide range of academic, social, emotional, and motor skills. They plan and present programs of instruction using methods and materials to meet the needs of the students. In order for all this to happen though, Elementary School Teachers must have a passion for educating as well as love children. Education requires dedication, organization, and thought out lesson plans on a daily basis. To ensure that the students get top-notch education, teachers attend staff meetings, serve on committees, and attend workshops or in-service training activities. When students get restless of being indoors, they have a special designated spot in their schedule reserved for outdoor activities, which they are responsible for. They must be willing to Prepare bulletin boards, correct papers and tests, and keep records and reports of the student. Every year, a teacher must evaluate student performance, and when need be, counsel pupils with academic and adjustment problems. Parents are always so interested in what happens in the school aspect of their child’s life, so teachers involve themselves in a Parent-Teacher conference day, in which they meet with the student’s parents to discuss the student’s progress and performance. Many of these tasks are done at the teacher’s home, not in class. Therefore, the teacher brings home more than an average career profession. As a result, they must not mind to take the papers home to read, check, and grade. But in class, they have an important job. Teachers may have up to 30 students looking up to them as an inspiration and... ... middle of paper ... ...s, a teacher may teach one special subject usually involving music, art, reading, science, or physical education to a number of classes. Teachers often work with students from various ethnic, racial, and religious backgrounds. I am going to complete my studies for Elementary School Teaching at Schoolcraft College. Then from there, I am going to transfer either to the University of Michigan or Eastern Michigan University to finish up my remaining years required for the four year degree. When I transfer, I am going to get my major in my career and use it, to teach little children and open there minds, as well as inspire them in life. When I do get my degree in teaching, I am going to have it so I can teach at any level from K-12. With my drive of determination and my passion to make a difference, I believe that I will make a reliable Elementary School Teacher.
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