Elementary School Teacher Reflection Paper

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The surveys provided told me my teaching and management style places limits, but simultaneously encourages independence. I also encourage and guide students by asking questions and exploring options. This focus is on the students’ needs and to help develop their independence. As an elementary school teacher these methods would be very beneficial to the students, because it would prepare them for the independence that they would expect when going into middle or high school. Students would learn to think more critically and on the spot, which is very useful in the “real world.” The students would be able to voice their opinions freely, whereas they cannot do so as much with strict guidance and outlines. As a future elementary school teacher I…show more content…
I will also explore some different teaching methods and techniques to make the best of my students’ learning experience. By experimentation I will figure out what works for everyone as a class. Just because one technique works for one teacher and one class does not mean it will work for the next group of students, or even for you as a teacher. I must be willing to put myself out there, as scary as that may be at times. I am willing to take chances even if it leads to mistakes. We learn from our mistakes, failure leads to success, and we find ourselves amongst it…show more content…
In my classroom I want to focus on getting my children prepared for independence and the life that lies ahead of them. Many of the students will come to me with no prior classroom experience, and it will be my job to teach them that. They will get into stuff, wander off, zone out, and act out. I will create many shorter lessons that are straight and to the point, yet still entertaining and exciting. I will try to focus these lessons on each student as an individual and put them in the hot seat to take on their learning in their own hands. Some days will be harder than others; however, each day will be a valuable learning experience not only for the students, but for me as

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