Elementary Education: Foreign Languages in the Classroom

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Children are vastly influenced by their elementary education. The fundamentals and basics of a child’s education begins with language, more specifically, reading and writing. These children are the future cognitively, socially, and physically and they should be provided with the most effective educational techniques available. While children are young, they should be provided with those techniques by starting at the beginning: foreign language. Children should learn a foreign language at the elementary school level. Learning a foreign language trains children to be attentive listeners. When children have good listening abilities, they are more capable of comprehending and recalling what has been said. Also, since children cannot read and write fluently at the young elementary school level, it is especially important for children to be attentive listeners. How well children listen also constitutes how well they will listen for the rest of their lives. Learning a foreign language will improve their listening skills because they have to pay attention to how a word is pronounced in or...
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