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Electronica Electronica is a term coined to describe a relatively new genre of music. This type of music generally revolves around maniplating music in a digital and analog sense. Over time, as technology has improved, the growth of computers and other electronic musical instruments, such as synthesizers, and drum machines has greatly increased the capabilities of electronica. The very first instances of "electronica" were created by the ancient Greeks, who with their intrinsic ingenuity created machines for this very purpose. In the 2nd century, B.C., the Hydraulis was invented a Greek who was fascinated by pneumatics. He was an expert on the use of hydraulic systems for powering mechanical devices, and his most famous invention, the Hydraulis, used water to regulate the air pressure inside an organ. In this device , a set of pumps forced air into the organ, that was channeled to create sound. Later, mechanical instruments evolved, such as the Greek Aeolian harp, the hurdy-gurdy, and fully mechanical organs. Also by this time, Pythagoras, the famous Greek mathematician, also discovered numerical ratios which corresponded to intervals on the musical scale, or as we know them today, octaves. The modern age of electronica finally started, as great American inventors Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell invent new devices that could transmit and record sounds. In 1877, Thomas Edison invented the phonograph. To record, an indentation on a moving strip of paraffin coated paper tape was made by means of a diaphragm with an attached needle. This mechanism eventually lead to a continuously grooved, revolving metal cylinder wrapped in tin foil. Then, In 1880, Alexander Graham Bell devised and patented several means for tra... ... middle of paper ... ... made them a target of more conservative groups who believe they have lost the original vision of techno. I cannot disagree more with these groups, since the music that they enjoy is in my opinion, some of the worst NOISE ever created in human history, along with teen angst Punk, and of course, American "Patriotic" Country. The basic premise of electronica was to add a danceable element to music. It has been wildly successful as can be observed by listening to almost any pop artist. In recent times, these kinds of "sugar" pop groups became so popular that eventually there is a negative reaction to all such dance music. But sooner or later a "fun" element will come back into vogue. Bibliography http://www.geocities.com/EnchantedForest/Meadow/8887/elect/ http://www.jam2dis.com/j2delectronicadef.htm http://gaga.essortment.com/historyofelect_rdmu.htm

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