Electronic Voting Essay

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Introduction: Electronic voting machine has now become an effective tool for voting. It mainly ensures flawless voting and thus has become a more widespread. Also those kinds of machines make human effort less and they are more economical. It is also free and very comfort in the part of voter. Electronic voting which is otherwise known as e-voting, used by electronic systems for representing and counting votes. Voting machines are in total combinations of mechanical, electromechanical or electronic parts that are used to define ballots, to cast and count votes. The electronic voting reduces the time in casting the votes and also reduces the time in counting the votes when compared to the old ballot system. Whereas the elections allow the public to choose their representatives and express their preferences about how they will be governed. Generally the integrity of the general elections process is fundamental to the integrity of the democracy itself. History shows with the example of elections being manipulated in order to showcase their outcome. The design of a good voting system i.e. either electronic or a traditional paper system should satisfy the number of competing representatives. Voting machines have a different level of usability, security, efficiency and also accuracy. Certain systems may be more or less accessible to all votes, or not accessible to those votes with certain types of disabilities. Some say that this e-voting is good in terms of political elections in a democracy but some others say that this electronic voting is unfit for political elections in the democracy and no other technology can change this. The explanation for this is given in the future report. Coming to the overview of this electronic voting ... ... middle of paper ... ...inters Faster count and tabulation Strength Strength Strength Strength Strength More accurate Results Strength Strength Strength Strength Strength Increased convenience of the voters Strength Mixed Mixed Weakness Mixed Cost saving Mixed Weakness Weakness Weakness Weakness Prevention of false in the polling station Neutral Strength Strength Strength Strength Greater accessibility Mixed Mixed Mixed Weakness Mixed Multi-language support Strength Strength Strength Weakness Strength Avoidance of invalid voting Strength Strength Strength Strength Strength Secrecy of voting Weakness Mixed Mixed Mixed Mixed Cost of maintenance Strength Weakness Weakness Weakness Weakness Electoral issues Compared to paper voting Internet voting DRE without VVPAT DRE with VVPAT PCOS Electronic ballot printers Risk of manipulating by insiders Weakness Weakness Weakness Weakness Weakness
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