Electronic Piracy

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Electronic Piracy


With the growing popularity of the Internet, there have been many new realms to be discovered. Businesses can now operate with minimal overhead, allowing for dropped prices and increased benefits to customers. People can also now communicate easier and cheaper and in new ways that were never previously thought of. Also, with the coming of the Internet there have been new problems: it’s now easier to lie, cheat, and steal than ever before. Forms of piracy never thought of before are appearing every single day. With the Internet, it is now also easier to copy and share copyrighted materials. One of the inherent problems with attempting to regulate this piracy is the gap in laws between countries. How do you punish who pirates music in a country that does not recognize the copyright laws of the music piece’s origin. Also, what makes a certain piece of software legal in one country but illegal in another? In the US, 321 Studios had to stop making its famous DVD XCopy program, but why and was the software ethical?[2] All these issues will be covered as well as how ethical the laws are in the respective countries as well as whether or not downloading or copying music is ethical at all.

Piracy Laws in the US Downloading Copyrighted Music

The biggest issue of piracy in the US lately has been the illegal downloading of music off of the Internet with popular programs such as Kazaa and iMesh. Millions of people have been downloading their music for free rather than paying for it for many years now. It has become such a big problem that the US Department of Justice has now launched its “most aggressive campaign against counterfeiting and piracy in its history”[4]. The US has de...

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