Electronic Music Essay

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The audience of this technical definition is people who are curious about the multiple subgenres, the community, and what the community of electronic music is like. The purpose of this article is to inform readers about the music itself and the scene.

Electronic music is music that employs both electronic and digital musical instruments. It also employs circuitry-based music technology within the music. There are multiple subgenres. A few examples of subgenres are Electronic Dance Music (EDM), House Music, and Dance Music. Electronic music uses synthesizers along with other instruments such as drums, guitars, and pianos to produce a synthetic sound. This synthetic sound makes electronic music stand out from other genres of music.
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This occurred due to the emergence of computers and synthetic processing. These two countries are more technologically advanced than most countries which explains why they were the first to develop this genre of music. Their access to computers and applications were much easier than most countries and it gave them the advantage when it came to electronic music. Although electronic music was being introduced and produced in the 1920s and 1930s, the popularity of the genre grew subtly between the 1970s to early 1980s. This occurred when drum synthesizers like the Roland TR-808 came out. Once this machine came out, it developed a huge fan base because of its unique “booming bass” sound. This new machine, as long as others that were designed like it, made the genre of music start to boom more and more. These machines and electronic music applications gave artists the ability to gain access to many different types of sounds from various instruments rather than having to learn to play each instrument and tweak it in ways to make different sounds. This also then helped music to be produced quicker and cost less money due to less studio time. This resulted in a larger fan base since there was constantly new, improved music being produced and…show more content…
The most popular are Electronic Dance Music (EDM), Trap, and Pop. Other popular ones are dance and house music. While most people may not consider pop music to be electronic, the most played music on the radio incorporates synths, sampling, and electronic drums. Trap music is highly influenced by Hip-Hop, Rap, and RnB by using heavy basslines, hip-hip hop style snares, and hi-hats to produce a much darker and harder feel. Electronic Dance Music (EDM) is usually one hundred twenty-eight beats per minute. It got its rise in the rave scene since it the beats are made for the audience to jump and sing along to, similarly to pop music. Raves have become a huge hit off of electronic music and include all types of
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