Electronic Medical Records Systems

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Electronic Medical Records systems lie at the center of any computerized health information system, without them other modern technologies, such as decision support systems cannot be effectively integrated into routine clinical workflow. The paperless, inter-operable, multi-provider, multi-specialty, multi-discipline computer medical record, which has been a goal for many researchers, healthcare professionals, administrators, and politicians for the past 20+ years is however about to become a reality in many western countries. The Obama administration has proposed, as part of the effort to revive the economy, a massive effort to modernize healthcare by making all health records standardized and electronic by 2014. Introduction An electronic medical record (EMR) is a patient medical record in digital form. The digital information is stored in a database and is accessible from everywhere. A provider would have immediate access to key information, such as diagnoses, allergies, test results and medications. An EMR captures data at the point of care, making it possible to integrate data from multiple internal and external sources. The ability for all providers participating in the care of a patient in multiple settings to quickly access new and past test results would increase patient safety and the effectiveness of care. There are many benefits of using an EM... ... middle of paper ... ...rs such as finance, transport, and manufacturing industries. Over the past decade, the political impetus for change in almost all western countries has become stronger and stronger. Evidence has increasingly shown that current systems are not delivering safe, high quality, efficient, and cost effective healthcare, and that computerization, with the EMR at the center is the only way forward. Works Cited Grayson, Lee. “ The History of Electronic Medical Records.” eHow April 4, 2011 Print. Hensen, David. “EMR Deadline Does not Compute-Falling Short of 2014 Goals.”Amed News.com 2008 Print. Rosenthal, Richard and Hinda. “Transforming Today’s Healthcare Workforce to Meet Tomorrows Demand.” Institute of Medicine 2007 Print. Simpson, Anne. Electronic Medical Records= “An Obamanomic Step Towards Improved Healthcare.” National Academy Press May 19 2009 Print.
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