Electronic Health Records Case Study

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The Electronic Health Records (EHRs) usage has shown to positively impacts in the delivery of health care in a variety of ways, it offers the capacity and promise to increase the quality of care, to improve efficiency and effectiveness in the health care delivery process and reduce care related to costs. Healthcare organizations adopt and implement EHR system solutions to improve organizational operations, where data is shared between health groups without difficult (Hayrinen, 2015). Electronic health records are systems that consist of records and make certain individual’s health history is private and accessible (Blumenthal, &Tavenner, 2012). The implementation method of EHRs can be defying and stressful to the workforce, hence,
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According to McGonigle and Mastrian (2015), the healthcare professionals need to be committed to EHRs usage for it to be triumphant in their everyday job workflow, to attain the data that compels the EHRs decisiveness and promotes it inspires related to arrays of advantages and usage. Bestowing abundant time for the respective workforce and making sure shifts have coverage to attend training can be challenging. It is imperative for organization and leadership team to make necessary arrangement upfront to start staffs training related to the EHRs systems implementation in advance go live date on the new…show more content…
The EHRs data inability to migrate across the everyday health care professionals’ activity delays throughput and success given that the software was unsuited with staff needs (Creswell, 2009). The software incompatibility creates an unfavorable environment for healthcare staffs that work from home because of the inability to connect with the computer network system, which can result in laboring late and dual patients’ charting for healthcare professionals or imperfect charting by nurses in an attempt to hasten the tasks. According to Murphy (2011), organization and leadership team embracing the EHRs system with the aforementioned treats can be a problem and possibly inspire the formation of idleness, inefficient at work if reckoned burdensome (Murphy, 2011). It is imperative that the organization and leadership team to embrace and implement EHRs that matches the workforce workflow and not command development that is unfit on the workforce. Engaging the frontline nurses and other healthcare professionals’ in the development and implementation of EHRs software system will ensure capability with their workflows and alleviate the anger, resentment, confusion that comes to play with any social norm
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