Electronic Gaming is Here to Stay, Let's Distinguish Fantasy from Reality

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The evolving interests of the youth are now prominently different from that of the past generations. Generally all facets in the world today is now changing, improving technology has affected and directed the new interests of the youth as well. Electronic Gaming, some may go as far and say that the youth especially the young men of today regard video games as the main and favorite past time of their every day lives. Gone are the days where you see many kids out in the streets playing “old school” games that all the past generations enjoyed. “Tagu-taguan”, “Agawan Base”, Taya-Tayaan”, “Luksong Baka” are some of the outdoor games that tickled the interest of kids. Now in almost every corner of streets across the metro we see Internet Gaming shops housing avid gamers waiting in line even when it takes hours for their turn. The advent of the Massively Multiplayer Online Games abbreviated simply as MMOG are the norm. MMO’s are internet based games where gamers play online, it gives interactions between gamers that makes the game more interesting. One of the early pioneers locally is the Ragnarok Online game categorized as a Massivley Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game or MMORPG. But Internet Gaming is not the only culprit but different gaming platforms such as Console Gaming ( Playstation, XBOX, Wii), Handheld Gaming(PSP, DS, Game boy). Yes there are many advantages that gaming gives to the youth like pulling them away from more dangerous vices such as Alcohol, Cigarettes and Illegal Drugs. Some also claim that Video Games improve hand-eye coordination. Text-Based games are also said to give literary training. But many purists dare I say old people fear the emerging tr... ... middle of paper ... ...s time to study that leads to grades that gives fits to parents that ironically provides the games for them. Truancy is becoming more rampant as many are attracted to the fact that they can play their favorite games like Counter Strike, Defense of the Ancients etc. All the parties involved must help each other to control the disadvantage in playing video games. After all have been said and done, I’d like to repeat the fact that video games are here to stay – just like how television is here to stay. When televisions gave birth decades ago almost all the negatives that are pointed to gaming are similar to the television. We as human beings just fear the unknown. People just need to tread the righteous path that will lead them away from trouble. We need to learn how to distinguish fantasy from reality and not be affected by the intricacies of gaming.

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