Electronic-Communication: The Positive Effects Of Electronic Communication

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Electronic communication is a less effective way you can talk to someone! Electronics have good qualities but over the last couple years has became a huge problem with teens and young adults. These devices are hurting our teens childhood,communication skills,school work,and sleeping habits. Electronic communications are often quick,but is ruining childhood and communication skills. Electronics have taken a huge toll on childhood.Childhood in the past never included Facebook, Snapchat, or Twitter, that now exposes kids to things they should not know until later in life. Most fear that young kids are learning and getting exposed to certain things way too fast.For example,Victoria Cobb writes, ”The innocents of childhood is being threatened by…show more content…
This action is more likely to happen because the kids do not have communication skills in the first place. By communicating through text message you can not get your point across as if you were talking in person. It says in an article by Aldiray,“Communicating through a screen also removes the more impersonal and intamiding aspects of human affection.”(Aldiyar,1)In other words,you can not express your feeling over text message. Communicating through text message is hard to learn others body language and facial expressions.Aldiyar said, “ By communicating mostly through social media they are not learning how to read body language, facial expressions,or vocal inflections”(Aldiyar,1) When people use social media to communicate with others,the conversation gets misinterpreted because you don't know the other person's facial expressions.With all that being said, it is just so much easier to talk in person because it is easier to read facial expressions and body…show more content…
When kids use thinks like OMG,LOL,TGIF in texting then it becomes a habit and will end up being in their writing. Aldiyar mentioned,”One look at a teenagers text is enough to give any parent hard evidence that this online language could destroy everything they have learned in school as in proper spelling and grammar structure”(Aldiyar,1).When sitting at your desk doing homework and your phones goes off, you first instinct is to grab it and reply back,this interrupts school work and other activities. Studies have shown that “Kids become more distracted which means homework is getting interrupted,when they receive a new text messages,facebook and snapchat notification,or even email.”(Aldiyar,1). After being distractracted from your phone you lose your train of thought.As a result of all of that,your graded start failing…. And it's all because of one Facebook message. Electronic communication is a less effective

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