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Musical works often use ambient composition techniques. These techniques can come In the form of acoustic or electronic sounds. Both types of music have the potential to engage the listener And create an atmospheric backdrop for your musical works. Adding atmospheric effects can add suspense, increase the overall density of a work, and improve the texture of a composition through added timbres not possible within traditional music. Accomplished composers know about the various available techniques and how to use the in a composition to good effect.


In traditional music, percussion instruments can create dramatic ambient noise through the use of both pitched and non-pitched instruments. Using traditional instruments in non-traditional ways can provide composers with new sounds and is a common practice for orchestral composers. Crotales that normally act as bells can be transformed into an ethereal, lingering effect when bowed with a string bow instead of striking with a mallet. The sound of rain and thunder can be created using sheets of metal and a bass drum mallet along with a rain stick that the percussionist can use to create the sound of falling rain. The speed of the rain can be increased or decreased by speeding the rate at which the percussionist rotates the instrument. The best way to learn about percussion instruments is by attending concerts and talking with percussionists at universities, community colleges and message boards online.


String instruments parallel the level of expression found in the human voice. As the second most expressive instrument, strings are an orchestral composers most important section for creating harmonious backdrops and soaring melodies. Strings instruments don't requir...

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.... By doing so, composers can create additional effects that are not otherwise possible in a composition. While a completely electronic piece can lack emotion and nuance provided by a live orchestra, the combination of both electronic and acoustic elements can create a cohesive piece that utilizes the strengths of both mediums. The manipulation of ordinary sounds can result in especially dramatic, creative, and innovative sounds that enhance a composition's effectiveness. The creation of electronic music requires the composer to work twice as hard to create a composition since the composer must first compose the music and then perform it. Simply putting the pitches and sounds into a sequencer will create a dry, uninspired and lacking composition. Composers that wish to use electronic music must have highly developed musical skills to create a truly expressive piece.
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