Electroencephalography Essay

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Electroencephalography is an imaging technique that registers a human brain’s electrical activity generated by the human brain’s physiological structures (Niedermeyer and Silva 2004). In other words an Electroencephalogram (EEG) can be defined as the electrical activity of human brain recorded from the scalp or the surface of the human brain using conductive electrodes and conductive media (Atwood and MacKay 1989). All the direct and indirect techniques that are used to produce an image of the physiological structure, functions, and pharmacology of the human brain are cumulatively known as Neuroimaging (Smith and Kerri 2008). It can be broadly classified into two categories: •Structural imaging It covers the analysis of the physiological and anatomical structure of the human brain (Smith and Kerri 2008). •Functional Imaging It is used using to evaluate brain functions, often targeting to understand the relationship between specific mental functions and activity due to these mental conditions technically known as the cognitive state of mind within specific brain areas. It involves a...
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