Electrical Engineering: The Study And Application Of Electrical Engineering

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Electrical Engineering is probably expanding more than any other field of engineering. This field deals with the study and application of electricity, electromagnetism, and electronics. “Electrical engineers study and apply the physics and mathematics of electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism to both large and small scale systems to process information and transmit energy.” (Cal Poly State University) Since the early ages at around 500 B.C. are recorded documents that bring up questions of a stone attracting iron. “The first definite statement is by Thales of Miletus who said lodestone attracts iron because it has a soul” (Fowler). The lodestone or leading stone is a naturally magnetic stone, which was believed to have magical powers at one point. This marks one of the earliest understandings of electromagnetism. Genuine attempts to explain the naturally occurring phenomenon of electromagnetism were made and expanded throughout the following years by many, but more notable are Galen, a famous anatomist and doctor, and Pliny, a Roman natural philosopher. Both provided clues to help link a distinction between electricity and electromagnetism. Galen raised the question “…why a ring thus attached to a magnet will attract a further ring to itself” (Fowler). Pliny brought the attention of amber being “used for the end of the spindle by Syrian women spinners… electrifying it as it spun and rubbed against their clothing, so attracting chaff [or straw]” (Fowler). But it wasn’t until St. Augustine, during the Christian era, found himself “puzzled to find [that] the lodestone, unlike amber, would not move straw, making a clear differentiation…between electricity and magnetism” (Fowler). This primitive distinction is the true founda... ... middle of paper ... ...ing what once was impossible, possible. Anything with a screen, batteries, or a plug can be traced back to an Electrical Engineer. From shavers, to microprocessors, to lasers, to cellphones, to medical equipment, to a paper shredder or a copy machines, Electrical Engineers work to advance and improve the lives of our society in all aspects involving electricity. What interests me so much about this field of engineering is how much we can push to understand and manipulate this naturally occurring phenomenon with other elements and resources. From believing a rock had a soul to creating computers and microscopes that can manipulate atoms, the question becomes what can’t we do? That question is enough to motivate me towards this field of engineering; I want to better mankind and leave a footprint behind that can still point in the right direction long after I’m gone.
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