Electrical Engineer

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ELECTRICAL ENGINEER DESCRIPTION “Electrical engineers design, and evaluate the manufacture, testing, installation, operation, and maintenance of electrical and electronic components, equipment and systems.';1 Electrical engineers work with an array of equipment and machinery, such as transformers, switches, electrical appliances and types of generators, and are considered in fields involving communications, radar, aerospace guidance, medical and biomedical research and computers. ENVIRONMENT Precision is a very regarded value for an electrical engineer. The use of hands on techniques and a vast knowledge of mathematics makes for the engineer to be very detailed in his or her work. Must be creative and initiating, and must be perspective in dealing with work and the communication of others. Must have a feel for science and technicality. Work is mostly done indoors in offices, labs, and factories. Teamwork is essential, as work is often compared with others. Since technology is expanding as time goes on, a continuing education is a must. Computers are used often to learn applications and techniques. PAY AND OUTLOOK Pay varies depending on education, experience, and your place of employment. “Starting salaries range from $805 to $3,810 per month. Experience will land you from $1,295 to $4,980 per month, and top ranges $1,510 to $5,199 per month. (California pay) St...
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