Electoral System And Party System

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The relationship between electoral systems and the party systems is one of vivacity. Electoral systems provide the framework that political parties must operate; and political parties have an affect on the way electoral systems function practically. To understand the relationship between electoral systems and party systems, one must first expound both ‘party systems’ and ‘electoral systems’, as well as identify some key elements that electoral systems have on the structure of the party system. The term ‘party system’ represents the relations of political competition, and the ability for parties to engage in governmental decisions and in public and international affairs (Canadian encyclopedia, 2018). Electoral systems influence…show more content…
If an electoral system produces a district magnitude that is too small, the result can have negative effects on party discipline and cooperation. While some countries have a large district magnitude and secure multiple districts with multiple seats, there are examples of single district systems, such as the Netherlands. This lack of broader representation can pin representatives against their party line clarify me (ASSD,212223, 126). Along with district magnitude, the way in which candidates are elected can have an impact on intra-party relations. Wither a ballot encourages a candidate selection, or a selection from a party list has tremendous implications on MP’s relationship with their party. If a district can be solely won by the candidate, the need for party discipline may rise, but if a representative’s position in government relies on the people forming the party list, there is incentive for compliancy (asdfg, 127). There can be an increase in party discipline and intra-party agreements in proportional systems that use both party lists and representatives, such as Mixed-Member Proportional. The cohesion to communicate and obey party lines increases with the opportunity to run as a representative as well as secure a position on a party list. Candidates essentially must cooperate with party lines or risk their position in most electoral systems. Strategically, it is in a party’s best interest to keep their members willing to further their agenda and have a durable base for when they must interact with other parties in a party
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