Electoral College

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The American political system is one of the most revered and complicated in the world, but one of the main components that has major effects on the election is the Electoral College. The Electoral College hampers the value of each citizen by taking away the value of each individual’s vote, not allowing third party candidates to have a chance to win the election, and altering the way that candidates campaign for office.
The Electoral College
The United States of America’s system of electing the president is one that has been firmly enacted in the country since the Constitution was signed by our founding fathers back in 1787. The Electoral College is the process of selecting the President of the United States of America. When Election Day—which is held every 4 years—arrives, the American people go to their polling places and vote for their candidate, the votes are tallied, and whoever wins the most counties through popular vote gets the entire state’s electoral votes credited to them. On the first Monday after the second Wednesday of December, individual electors from each state cast the vote for the presidency according to whichever candidates won the most counties in their state (Curry, 2012). These votes that are cast by the electors are called electoral votes; the amount of votes for each state vary, which causes some issues.
Lack of Popular Vote and the Electoral College
For most of the world, leaders are chosen by popular vote. All of the country’s citizens go to cast their vote, every vote is tallied, and whoever has the most votes, wins. With our system, the popular vote does not necessarily mean that you are the winner. There have been quite a few instances, specifically 4, of which a person won the popular vote did not ...

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