Election Problems

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Election Problems

Even though my experience may be limited in politics, I still understand how grave of a situation it is having everything controlled by the republicans, because with total domination of one party the democratic system is weighed heavily to one side. Even some republicans agree that dominance over every branch is a problem. It is false hope for the President and his colleagues to think that just because they won the election that every person who voted for them is supporting their conservative ways and plans. This distorted image could possibly have been humbled if the electoral system was different. In many states Bush only won by 2% but all of the electoral votes went to him, despite the fact that 50% of voters chose a different candidate. I understand that this is the way it has been and it has worked in the past. But more than ever there is an uprising against the Electoral College. For instance Colorado attempted to pass an amendment that would change the way the electoral votes are counted within the state. Within this outdated system a candidate could win the majority of the popular votes but still not win the election. This is taking away from the voice of the American people. There are many flaws because of the way elections are conducted.

There are two arguments in favor of the Electoral College, although both of them agree that nothing should be done. There have been over 700 proposed amendments to revamp the Electoral College that have gone before Congress, most of them failed. The attitude of the supporters is to leave well enough alone. While many of us see that may be true in some aspects others aspects are in sever need of change. Our world and lives are changing dramatically ...

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...rrified to learn what the voting future has in store for me. The American public is being tricked into thinking that the Electoral College is a just system to elect our most important office.

Because there are many flaws within the Electoral College a change needs to be made. And that change rests on the shoulders of all of the American people.

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