Election Of 1860 Dbq Essay

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In the year of 1860, one election changed a lot for America. This election determined who would be in charge of America. This election determined what morals the young country of the United States would take. After the results of the Election of 1860 came in, this meant great controversy between the Southern and Northern States. When Lincoln was elected president the South rebelled due to their opposing values. This election changed America. In the election of 1860, Abraham Lincoln was titled the president of the United States. The Democratic Party had been separated into two divisions, the Southern Democrats and the Northern Democrats. During the election, Lincoln was aware that he would not gain popular vote in the Southern states. However, he knew that if he could win the ballots of the North, he stood a chance in…show more content…
Prior to the election, the South had harsh feelings towards Lincoln. As an adherent of the Free Soil Party, which later was renamed the Republican Party, Abraham Lincoln encouraged the outlaw of expanding slavery to the new territories that the United States was gaining so quickly. The South looked at Abraham Lincoln as a menace. They were troubled by his opposing beliefs of slavery’s role in America. So whenever Lincoln was elected president of the United States in 1860, the South was very uneasy. After Lincoln won the election with a 41% of votes, despite the fact that his name was not even in the polls of ten Southern states, the South was enraged. The South began separating from the North state by state. The first state to branch away from the North was South Carolina. After that, the Southern states of America quickly took South Carolinas lead and began breaking away from the North as well. The reason is because their principles were different from those of the North. They did not agree in the freedom that Lincoln wanted to grant the
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