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Indonesia 2014 presidential elections is about to start within a year, many candidates actively plan and commence their strategies to persuade the voters. Contest of strategies amongst candidates become daily advertorial in Indonesia mainstream media (broadcasted media and printed media), now slowly social media become an additional factor that candidates concerns to their campaign; recently what was happen when Joko Widodo overcome the incumbent and supported by multi-parties, Fauzi Bowo during the governor election of Indonesia capital city, Jakarta. Although the impact of social media on voting behavior is still debatable, it played an outstanding role in the Jakarta governorate election. Many viewers believe that jokowi’s are able to attract young generation, educated and Jakarta growing middle class segment through media approach, so it become the good relation amongst leader and the potential voters, thus his activities as well were fully covered in every detail by all kind of the medium.
Regarding to political campaign, to gain the voters each politician have their own strategies, one thing to attract the voters is through public awareness. Why? because public awareness should be done frequently and using variety of distribution channel, they should able to segment the voters. Since health are still a demanding issue in developing country like Indonesia, by treat a health service they can gather numbers of public participation, for instance candidates create one-day free health service in certain villages in the rural area. Beside of healthcare, public especially educated people automatically judging the event for political reasonbecause large number of party banner, flags and candidate picture obviously spread out on the a...

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...ssor Habibie, Indonesian media enjoyed freedom of press, and the 4th president Abdurrhaman Wahid, He decided to closed Ministry of Information existence and replace with Organization of National Information. Later the liquidation Government started to amend of press regulation; in fact the numbers of media in Indonesia rapidly increase. Although the government allowed media freedom in reporting economic and social issues, it never loosened its control over media reporting on politics. But since some medium are owned by businessman and politician that will run for 2014 presidential election, in my opinion central government as the regulatory didn’t put any effort to strictly controlled the media to make the public opinion. It indicates that there are some personal interests to address the agenda especially the candidates are the proponent with the current constituent

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