Eleanor Roosevelt : A Personal And Public Life

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Eleanor Roosevelt: A Personal and Public Life J. William T. Youngs. Eleanor Roosevelt A Personal and Public Life. (Pearson Longman: New York. 2006), 265pp. J. William T. Youngs is a professor at Eastern Washington University. He specializations in U.S. History, American Wilderness, Early America, History of Disease, History and New Media, Public History. The thesis of this book is a look into the personal and public life of Eleanor Roosevelt. Eleanor Roosevelt, a renown philanthropist was the wife of the thirty-second president of the United States; Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Anna Eleanor Roosevelt was born on October 11, 1884 in New York, New York. Her father was Elliott Roosevelt, the younger brother of who we know as the twenty-sixth president of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt. Even though the family was financially stable they still had many struggles. Her father suffered from alcoholism and mental depression. Eleanor’s mother was always preoccupied by the family’s image. She was very ashamed by Eleanor’s appearance which she thought was not up to par. Eleanor experienced many losses in her youth, at the age of eight years old, her mother past away during the month of December, and Eleanor and her two younger brothers, Hall and Elliot, were sent to live with their maternal grandmother in New York. During the following May, her brothers became infected with scarlet fever. Hall managed to recover but his younger brother Elliot was severely ill and did not improve. When Eleanor was ten years old she learned that her father too was dead. Eleanor’s father had entered into an alcoholics institute when she was a younger. Then later fallen into a coma and passed away, a fatality of alcohol and illness. At the age of fift... ... middle of paper ... ...years of her life. In 1961 she completed her autobiography. On November 6, 1962 she died in New York City. Eleanor’s social and personal viewpoint inspired millions of people. Even though she was a shy and lonely girl, Eleanor Roosevelt became one of the most important American women in the twentieth century. This book covers the time period of 1884 and 1962. The author uses other sources in order to get this book right such as President’s spouses-United States-Biography. I would absolutely recommend this book to others, it tells you all the things that a First Lady is capable of and all the things a woman can accomplish if she just sets her mind to it. During this time things were very different for women but Eleanor Roosevelt overcame pretty much every obstacle she was dealt. She became a role model for women during her lifetime and I believe she still is.
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