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Why Shakespeare did not Write His Play
Many writers have come and gone. Not many have made a name for themselves although, and of the few who have is William Shakespeare. Shakespeare is one of the most influential and respected writers of all time. He has written many plays over the course of his life and all are constructed masterfully, each is complex and diverse in its own right. But this brings up a question. Many theories have been thought over time concerning the authorship of Shakespeare’s dramas and many names have appeared to take the place of Shakespeare. Not much evidence is out there to support the primary thought that Shakespeare authored his plays but there are vast arrays of evidence that disproves this ‘obvious’ thought. The question that must be asked is this, did Shakespeare truly write his plays? The evidence in this essay will answer this thought and will explain why he couldn’t have written his play.
It is known that Shakespeare’s plays are the grand achievement of his life and are studied by students and adults the world over. They must have been written by a highly educated man to be able to write a play this complex and diverse, but was Shakespeare educated well enough to be this man? As published in “Shakespeare’s Education and Childhood”, “Shakespeare began school around the age of six and ended around the age of thirteen” (Shakespeare’s Education and Childhood para 1-5). With only seven years of education, he could not have achieved a high enough level of knowledge that would be expected to author the plays. Without the funds to further his education, he would have not achieved the education needed. According to the research paper “The Education of William Shakespeare” “There are no actual records of h...

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...he answer was that he did not either have the knowledge to do so or that someone else is to be credited. Shakespeare, one of the most notable writers of history, did not write his plays.

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