Elder Neglect In Nursing

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Throughout the years, neglect has had little research consideration, even though it is a major cause of injury and death amongst the elderly (Dyer, et al., 2005). Encounters with elder neglect are problems that many nurses come across and even though nurses play substantial roles in taking care of the elderly, at times nurses are not wary of this issue. This paper was written to understand what nurse’s observe, their professional experience with elder people and show how important a nurse’s role effects this encounter.
The purpose of this article was to study a certain selection of nurses and their experiences with elder neglect while on the job and how the nurses negatively or positively affected the issue at hand. These studies are important for raising more awareness, and further down the line, create solutions such as policy making. The whole purpose of this study was to enlighten readers on the significant roles that nurses play in their encounter with elderly neglect and their experiences working with the older population. More knowledge is needed when trying to understand a nurse’s awareness when dealing with the elder neglect issue and the repercussions involved in the older population within healthcare facilities. The article asked research questions such as in what ways do the nurses experience elder neglect? How do they recognize it? How are nursing staff’s observations mirrored in their own lives?
The author began by explaining to us that when conducting a qualitative experiment, by tradition it primarily focuses on a well-rounded view of the research topic while capturing an individual’s lived experience (Denzin, 1983). By closely examining the phenomenon of elderly neglect may help explain how nurses interpret the...

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...professionalism (Olthuis et al., 2007).
Neglect upon the elderly is an extensive and significant phenomenon that the aging and their families face in today’s society. This article was written to raise concern and responsiblilty to those affecting the elderly neglect issue and to provide nurses, no matter where they’re from, a all-inclusive consideration of elder mistreatment. This included defining the different types of abuse, providing a legislative overview, broad understandings, instructed information, and resources nurses can use to take action. The author ends the article by stimulating all nurses to make the time and effort to learn how to assess the elderly for mistreatment, abuse, and neglect when being cared for. It is every nurse’s responsibility to protect the health the well-being of our aging population and this article was only one of many advocates.