Elbow Health Risks: Treatments of Injuries with the Upper Arm, Elbow and Lower Arm

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Elbow Health Risks When reviewing the upper arm into the elbow and to the fore arm, the potential health risks are as follows: bursitis, degenerative joint disease, fractures of open reduction internal fixation (fix broken bones), lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow), medial epicondylitis (golfer’s elbow), sprains, strains, fractures, dislocation, arthritis and tendonitis (North Cypress Sports Medicine Centre. 2012). Though some of these risks are sports related, it is important to be aware of the transfer of these as they can too affect musician and should not be dismissed simply because they are known as sports injuries. When reviewing Chris Crippin in his solo, the arm extends and flexes vigourously to hit various instruments at a phenomenal rate. The repetition of movement is intense, yet when combined with the amount of supination strengthening of the forearm, makes this physical act overwhelming and extremely strenuous on the body. Treatments Treatments of injuries with the upper arm, elbow and lower arm, vary depending of the type of damage. Some factors determining course of treatment are: what caused the damage, the length of time since initial onset of problem, severity of the ailment, and have other treatment plans been done and how effective were they. Physiotherapy with at home exercise, stretching, ice or heat can heal some injuries. Sometimes the need for rest, pain meds or anti-inflammatories will also yield results. In worse conditions, patients may require extensive reconstructive surgery on the joint or repairs to muscles and tendons. Wrist and Hand Health Risks Reviewing percussionists, it has been noted there are a number of individuals wearing wristbands. Usually these are for the collection of ... ... middle of paper ... ...isits. Good stretching and strength exercises prior to and after performances will help further reduce the risks associated with their occupation. With better understanding, will enable each musician the ability to cope with his or her own situation. As each member of the group will face their own health issues over their lifetime, it is important that they too should address occupational concerns of health risk. David Rosen and Tommy Mac will have to cope with health related issues around playing the guitar and vocal care, where as Jacob Hoggard will have to cope with vocal health mainly. Where as, Chris Crippin is at higher risk because of the amount of physical activity associated with his instrument, and the need for every part of this body to be active to produce sound. Healthcare for musicians is essential to a lifetime of performances for the talented.

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