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Elaine was running, running as fast as her feet could carry her through the spacious corridors. It was never suppose to come to this…It was suppose to be a simple party. Just a few friends for a small Halloween party. Unfortunately, word got out, and as they say, the freaks come out at night. And all the freaks were in her house. She had handled the situation well, at first. She allowed the unwanted guests to join the party, but warned them that she would not condone any unruly behavior. But her warnings were shrugged off, and the party intensified. Before she could realize what happened, the party was out of her hands. She had lost all control, and the party had become much too alarming. Elaine decided it would be in her best interest to find a room as far away from the main area, where the party was being held. She ran through the giant house until all the music, laughter, and pointless babble were unable to be heard. She found the door that led to a guest bedroom. She sat on the bed in the dark room, her face resting in her hands, trying to determine the best way to rid herself of...
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