Elaboration Likelihood Model

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Elaboration Likelihood Model of Richard Petty & John Cacioppo

According to Daniel J. O'Keefe in his article, "Elaboration Likelihood Model," it is important to know there are two classes of factors that influence how much a receiver will engage in elaboration. The first is the receiver's motivation to engage in elaboration and the second is their ability to engage. I now want to look more in depth of what factors affect a receiver's motivation and ability.

For a receiver to be motivated he/she must be involved in the topic. How relevant is the topic to the receiver? When an issue is personally relevant the receiver's motivation will increase. A second factor that affects receiver motivation is when a message is presented by multiple communicators with multiple arguments. When this happens, elaboration motivation increases.

When an individual has a tendency to engage in and enjoy thinking this means they have a high need for cognition. A person's motivation will increase if they have a high need for cognition. It is also stated that a person with high cognition will b...
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