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Albert Einstein, who is considered the most influential physicists of the 20th century, was born in 1879 on the 14th of March, in Germany, and later died of abdominal aortic aneurysm at the age of 76 as a blood vessel burst near his heart. From a young age Albert Einstein had always shown a great ability in math’s and science and aspired to be a teacher, Einstein started his education at the age of 6 at a catholic elementary school in Munich called petersschule, although growing up in a Jewish family, his parents were more concerned about academic standards over religion. Einstein distanced himself during his school life from his peers and was seen as an introvert and was seen as an outsider because he didn’t necessarily feel satisfied with…show more content…
The idea of relativity was studied for around 3 century's earlier by Galileo, with principle of relativity in 1632, later on Isaac Newton also studied principle of relativity. (einstein online , 2017) Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity is a more general case of special relativity and special relativity is a special case of general relativity, as the theory of general relativity includes a wide range of things in it, special relativity being one of those things. Einstein’s theory of special relativity presents the idea that space and time are linked for objects moving at a constant speed in a straight line, this theory also discusses what’s relative and what’s absolute about time, space and motion. Further into his research of special relativity Einstein realized that either time or space must differ between observers, he then displayed that both of these foundations can vary according to perspective. (D.Norton,…show more content…
General relativity was developed by Albert Einstein when he felt that special relativity was insufficient in describing the whole universe. General relativity predicts that even light is diverted by gravity, the theory of general relativity brings to light the idea that nothing can travel faster than the rate and speed at which light travels, however the gravitational pull between two different objects would be stronger in addition to the objects being closer together. (mastin, 2009) Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity is the more complex theory of the two and the special relativity is the simple version. The theory of general relativity reveals that space and time are different characteristics of the same thing and that space-time is curved, whereas Albert Einstein’s theory of special relativity reveals the idea that things look different to different people in different locations or in motion at different speeds, the theory of special relativity also uses the equation E=mc2 which means energy= mass x speed of light squared. (difference between, 2011) Photoelectric

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