Einstein : A Brief Biography Of Albert Einstein

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Albert Einstein was a groundbreaking Jewish physicist born in 1879. He was born into a Jewish family, in the German town of Ulm. His groundbreaking theories of both science and math bolstered him from a small town to a university and eventually to the United States of America. Einstein made his name to fame with his four articles disputing several theories that were once, in the eyes of human society, true. All of these ideas occurred in or around the year 1905. The first theory was one that he applied to quantum theory. This concept explains energy and how it works in both an atomic and subatomic level. He then used this notion to further explain that light, while being applied to an object, will gain electrically charged particles. A prime example of this is concrete. When concrete is being hit with the sun for a long period of time, the concrete will soon heat up and become hot when touched. Thus in subatomic form, the particles are electrically charged and omits heat. Einstein’s second model explains the existence of atoms. He proved the existence of atoms by what is known as...
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