Egyptian Culture Essay

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Going back a few thousand years in history, the exotic and flourishing empire of the New Kingdom in Ancient Egypt existed. Ancient Egypt, one of the world’s oldest and technologically advanced empires dominated Northern Africa. The New Kingdom, which was from 1550-1069 B.C, “was an explosion of creativity, wealth and power in Egypt that would make it the envy of the world” (PBS). During this time period, Ancient Egypt exhibited a golden age, where Egypt experienced political stability, expansion of territory and the promotion of Egyptian culture. Leading up the New Kingdom, Ancient Egypt experienced the cultures and practices of other races, such as the different ethnic groups during the transition of the Archaic period to the Old Kingdom in terms of different factions of ethnicity between Upper and Lower Egypt. In addition, the Hyksos, who were of Asian descent, during the Second Intermediate period took over parts of Egypt and brought an Asian flare to the Egyptian Culture. The concept of race, however, during…show more content…
High culture is associated with particular races, which is not predestined, but constructed socially by different societies in which qualities are deemed more respectable and superior. In Ancient Egypt, they were African and have roots to African culture. In Ancient Egypt they are portrayed as African as seen in their artwork and visual representations of skin color. However, throughout history, White European historians have seen whites as the dominant cultural practice, and forced others into their culture through imperialism and slavery. This conveys, how the visual representation of skin color is associated with either sophistication or barbarism. Since Ancient Egypt was such a complex and sublime civilization with great political, literary and architectural achievements, the Europeans ignored the truth that Egyptians were black and associated them as whites to show how only whites could be culturally
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