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Egypt is a very important trade country to its surroundings. Egypt has one of the most interesting rivers in the world called the Nile River. Its is three hundred and eighty-six thousand square miles four times the size of the British Isles. (Wilkins Frances 1999.). Approximately the size of Texas and New Mexico put together There year of independence is 1922. (Worth & El-Naggar 2010) There highest point of elevation is Mount Catherine of two thousand six hundred and twenty-nine meters. The lowest elevation point is Qattara Depression, which is one hundred and thirty-three meters. The natural hazards do Egypt are earthquakes, flash floods, landslides, volcanic activity, windstorms called Khams in, dust storms, and sandstorms. (Birgeneau Dean. 2002).

Egypt’s is a small country located in Africa. It is in the northeastern part of Africa next to the Mediterranean Sea and Red sea. Its surrounding countries are Libya and Sudan. Its absolute location is twenty-seven degrees north and thirty degrees east. The total area surrounding is one million four hundred and fifty square kilometers. The land could fit three New Mexico’s inside. (Britannica Encyclopedia 1995.)

Egypt can divide into elevated plateaus and low plains. There are many places with ground water discharge also. (Cultural Gram). The most fertile land in the world is along the Nile River. The Egyptians all relay on the river to there everyday needs. In the city Alexandria there is the largest seaport called Port Said. This is located along the Mediterranean Sea. The land in Egypt is very arid. (Wilkins Frances 1999.). Egypt is divided into four regions. Number one is the Nile valley and Delta. Number two is the Western desert including Mediterranean Sea. Number t...

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river as much as possible. Egypt has a very strong trade connection with coastal countries along the Mediterranean and Red sea. Also has a strong trade with its neighboring countries. Yes Egypt may not like to share the river but it brings in good profit for their whole

Country. (Foreign Affairs 2010)

Most Egyptians prefer a relaxed and quite life. They are very patient people

Characterized by the word Ma alesh which means “don’t worry”. This term helps the people dismiss concerns or conflicts that are not that serious. They are emotionally expressive which helps in their poor conditions. Society is a serious debate battling for the hearts of the Egyptians. Rural men wear gallabeyya to long clock like dresses. All women must not show any skin but the eyes. There country is very protective and understanding. (Cultural gram).

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