Effects of down syndrome

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In today’s society more women need to be aware of the disorder that is becoming more common every year. A study shows that there are about 6,000 diagnoses of Down Syndrome each year in the United States("National association for Down syndrome"). One in every 800 babies is born with Down Syndrome (Marsh). This is a rise from the previously reported statistic of 1 in every 733, as it was reported in 2010. Down Syndrome is a common chromosome disorder due to an extra chromosome number 21("PudMedhealth"). Down Syndrome causes mental retardation, a characteristic facial features, and multiple abnormalities such as short, stocky bodies with thick hands and feet. Down Syndrome can have many affects on the family, but there are ways of coping with these stressful situations. Woman today should not be afraid to have a child that is diagnosed with Down Syndrome, because there are people and ways that can help them to better understand why and how their child has this disease. Children with Down Syndrome have widely recognizable physical characteristics, flattened face and nose, short neck, small mouth with protruding tongue, small ears, and upward slanting eyes ("National association for Down syndrome"). Theirs hands are slant and broad with a single crease in the palm. They also have poor muscle tone and loose ligaments. Children with Down Syndrome also may be short in stature. As a child, thy may grow slowly, and as an adult, they are shorter than average. Downs children also may exhibit weak muscles throughout the body. They may seem to have less strength than other children of the same age. Weak abdominal muscles also make the stomach stick out with a short wide neck with excess fat and skin. Usually, this trait is less obvious as t... ... middle of paper ... ...rmal people in society. Works Cited Marsh, Debbie. "Disability Advocacy: Children with Down Syndrome ." . www.disaboom.com. N.p., n.d. Web. 24 Feb 2012. . "Down syndrome." http://www.mayoclinic.com. Mayo Foundation , 1998-2012 . Web. 24 Feb 2012. . "Facts About." National association for Down syndrome. National Association, 2012. Web. 24 Feb 2012. . Donald , Urquhart. "Down Syndrome Life Expectancy - From Conception On.." www.cdadc.Com. N.p., 2000-present . Web. 24 Feb 2012. . . "Down syndrome." PudMedhealth. N.p., 2012. Web. 24 Feb 2012. .
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