Effects of computers on society

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Effects of computers on society


The internet was a major break-through in computing. It enabled people

to communicate and transfer information. The internet has been around

for about 30 years and is always changing. It has many different uses.

It can be used for video and teleconferencing, finding information,

buying products, downloading programmes and music and much more. I

think that the internet has helped society a great deal. On the other

hand, it does have its disadvantages as anything can be found on the

internet, whether it is good or bad. If the internet is in the wrong

hands it can be a very bad thing as it could be held responsible for

things like rape etc. I am saying this because it is very easy for an

adult to go into a chat room and pretend that they are a teenager.

They could then arrange to meet up with someone, and this person would

be thinking that they are a teenager. This is the disadvantage of the

internet, but I feel that the good points over-power the bad.


Without CCTV, crime rates would be higher and many criminals would go

uncaught. Thanks to CCTV, this has changed. CCTV allows several

cameras to film several different areas at the same time. If someone

commits a crime and it is caught on camera, it is then taken to court

and used as evidence against them. I think that this is another huge

benefit to today's society.

Credit Card Use/Fraud

Computers allow people to use credit cards to pay for products that

they buy in shops. This makes it much easier for people to buy

something instead of having to pay with cash or a cheque, which takes

a while to clear; they can just pay instantly with a card. Fraud is

one major problem faced with credit cards. If the card it stolen, it

would be relatively easy for someone to pay for products that they buy

with the card, especially over the internet where no signature is

required to make the payment. This is another disadvantage of the

internet, that anyone's credit card can be used without consent. I

think that, although fraud is an issue with credit cards, credit cards

still benefit society greatly.

Availability of Information

This topic links in with the internet, as well as using programmes

like encyclopaedias on the computer to find information. The internet

has such a broad range of information on it that it would be almost

impossible to not find what you are looking for. Almost any word can

be typed into a search engine (e.g.
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