Effects of Transformational Leadership

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Table 16-2 has the general criteria of what it takes to be considered a good leader. Good leaders must be motivating, inspire, and really understanding how to use all the tools that are available. A good manager will execute plans, manage resources effectively and understand how to put customers first to get the most out of their team. Lynn Tilton has shown that she is able to develop plans and turn around companies that are having financial issues. She has shown that she knows how to manage and allocate resources to make the most out of what her firm has to offer. She is great at making sure that she lives up to the responsibilities that come with being a manager by planning, organizing, and directing. The final thing that Lynn Tilton does great is to make sure that she motivates her staff to achieve. She is charismatic and promotes her vision for the company. She tries to build the brand around her ideas and have the people buy into her way of thinking. She wants to influence the next generation of employees and make sure that her firm has a strong future in the industry by getting the most out of the people she manages (Kreitner & Kinicki, 2013).
Positive leadership traits can include intuition, traits of character, interpersonal competence, task competence, and personal traits (Kreitner & Kinicki, 2013). Lynn Tilton has to use several of these traits to make sure that she is actively getting the best results for her firm. She shows high levels of problem solving because of her ability to rescue failing businesses. She is able to identify why they are having problems and fix whatever issues that are presented. Anyone that is put into this position is bound to have self-confidence and be able to influence those a...

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... to show people that they are smart enough to get the job done and not arrogant to the point of causing people to disregard them. The issue I see that most leaders have is dealing with personal traits. Leaders have to be able to relate to people because even if they have the best idea someone has to buy into the thought process for it become implemented (Bellé, 2014).

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