Effects of Technology

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currently we are faced with a period of time that heavily revolves around technology. Now we live in a society that is very over dependent and relies heavily on technology to complete its tasks. Since technology has come into our lives we feel that now we could never live without it. This shows the high degree of expectations and faith in technology that is apparent everywhere around us. There are two methods of coping with technological change: accept it and implement it or oppose it and try to stop its progress. Technological determinism is a theory that suggests that change is not necessarily initiated by the individual, but by technology. Technology introduces change that temporarily disables society. Technology has greatly effected and altered our society. There are many negative aspects of technology such as over dependence, discrimination towards older generations and the exploitation of privacy.

Over dependence on technology is detrimental to society and contributes to the negative aspect of technology.

-fundamental values are being blurred (ex. People are impatient with the Internet.)

-society relies very heavily on machines, that when they do not do what we want them to do we experience intense anxiety.

it has caused our societies youth to become overwhelmed with all the available technologies ex. Owning a cell phone.

Canadians embrace new technological ideas without considering the consequences.

technology has caused laziness in all generations because people overuse technology fir unnecessary tasks.

Discrimination towards older generations leads to the negative aspect if technology.

we are experiencing future shock which is the dizzying discrimination brought on by premature arrival of the future.

in today's workforce a lot of the time preference goes to those with a technological background

older generations are referred to as "Luddites", which are people who are opposed to new technological ideas.

some feel alienated when they are unaware how to use new technological inventions

people view older generations as incompetent stereotype

Exploiting peoples privacy has become a controversial issue that contributes to the negitive aspect of technology.

the overuse of video cameras in our society is causing paranoia

the technological advancements in the news allows information to be spread worldwide instantaneously
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