Effects of Poverty in Schools

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A child miseducated is a child lost. As we have evolved into a mostly efficient country, we still have obstacles regarding education. According to Lucy Hart, students of lower economic statuses often face additional problems like resources, learning conditions, and poor motivation that negatively affects their academic performance. Families with lower incomes struggle with providing academic support for their children. They have limited time and financial resources, making it hard to create a good support system. Most parents cannot afford the technology necessary and tutors for their children. “When children do not have a positive learning environment at home, it negatively affects their academic achievement level in school” (Lucy Hart). This study addresses a number of issues regarding the poor having less access to good education and technology.
School environments play a major role in academic success. Limited resources and low academic performance are all characteristics of schools in lower economic communities. Highly-qualified teachers often avoid lower income schools by committing to more prosperous schools. Low socioeconomic status students are left with teachers who often lack expertise in their subjects. Lowe interviewed State Teachers of the Year to determine which aspects of the physical environment affected their teaching the most, and these teachers pointed to the availability and quality of classroom equipment and furnishings, as well as ambient features such as climate control as the most important environmental factors. In particular, the teachers emphasized that the ability to control classroom temperature is crucial to the effective performance of both students and teachers. Heavy teacher workloads create...

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